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If you want a special theme for your pinboard, you should say it with the headline. Example: Your hompage is a motorcycle hompage, and users should load pictures of motorcycles on the pinboard. Then a suitable headline might look like: Your motorcycles!

Please enter terms to the subject of your pinboard or your hompage (for instance suitable search terms for search engines). Example: The subject of your hompage is about pets, terms can look like: dogs cats kittens pets animals

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Restore color settings:

 Standard colors with black background 

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 Comic Sans MS
 Times New Roman

Maximum number of pictures:
Number of pictures after the pinboard will empty automatically.
(At 0 or non-statement the pinboard can be emptied only manually.)

Pictures per users per day:
To prevent malpractice, for example that an individual user can not load endless porn-pictures on the pinboard (which can't be censored so fast), the number of pictures for a user per day is limited. Possible is a number from 1 to 5.

Address of your homepage:
The internet address of your website. It's necessary for the home-hyperlink on the pinboard, so users can go back to your homepage. If you use a frameset as main page, please enter the address of the main page with the frameset. (Not the address of a frame.)

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What's the name of your website?
(You can use several words for the description.)

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