1. Anybody, who arranges a pinboard at our site (in the following called "member") is for the compliance with regulations accountable by himself..
  2. With accepting the Pinboard-Rules at registration each member binds himself to controle the compliance with regulations on his pinboard in an adequate way, and in case of inadmissible contents to react with suitable counteractive measures (e.g. to censor a picture, clear the pinboard, reduce the maximum number of pictures per user per day in the account settings or in worst case to delete the whole account).
  3. Illegal contents are pictures, which break copyrights or personal rights (particularly if someone could be offended or denunciated), extreme force, pornography, as well as topics of right-wing extremism. Also illegal are headlines and keywords (in the account data or in the hyperlink to the pinboard), which indicate illegal contents or invite to upload forbidden contents.
  4. Any measures, which hinder or complicate the access to the censor function (hyperlink "make a complaint") or to other parts of the pinboard page are not allowed.
  5. The virtual pinboard is a voluntary cost free offer from, wherewith we don't acquire any obligations towards the members and visitors.
  6. is not responsible for any contents of the members-pinboards.