Informations about the virtual pinboard

The virtual pinboard is a picture board, on that all users can add their images with only a few mouse clicks. Thereby the elder pictures will be covered by newer pictures in the course of time. So the virtual pinboard is a permanent modified "artwork", which always consists of other pictures.

Here on "" you can arrange your own pinboard very easily and for free. You can adapt it to the topics of your website, and the visitors of your site can load pictures, banners and logos on it.

You can also arrange several pinboards with different topics. If you have a website about sports for example, you can arrange a pinboard with the headline "your football pictures:" and another pinboard with the headline "racing sport pics:", or further pinboards with other themes.

Everything is possible what's allowed. That means: No pornography, no extreme force, no right-wing extremism, no copyright infringement (and please no other disgraceful things). Everyone is responsible for the compliance of the rules by himself.

Now we wish a lot of fun and many visitors on your own pinboard.

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