Questions and answers for the virtual pinboard!

Why can I only choose between four background colors?

It's because of qualitative reasons. (The two red pins on the top of the pinboard only looks good on a very light-colored or on a very dark-colored background. At other colors you can sadly see the disadvantage of the JPG-Compression.)

Can I delete pictures??

Yes, if you log in here on the cover page, you can undo the last changes on your pinboard. But don't wait too long, because the old pinboard versions stay only saved for a few days.

I forgot the username or the address of my virtual pinboard.

The address of a pinnboard is always: www.pinboard4u.com/username
whereas everything (even the username) is written in small letters. So you can find out your username by the address, or reversely you can find out the address by your username.

I forgot my password.

There's a Link "Forgot your password?" here at the login area to request a new password.

Why can I not censor several pictures?

The reason is that nobody can censor the complete pinboard. If it's realy neccessary to censor another picture, usually one of the next visitors will do that. But you can also log in and undo the last changes on your pinboard.

Still questions?  E-Mail: virtual@pinboard4u.com

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